Companies Pulling Ads From Google

Chrysta Castañeda recently appeared on Memphis Morning News  discussing how companies are pulling their ads from Google because of inappropriate placement. Below is an excerpt from the full interview.

Q. Chrysta, I thought that If I placed an ad online I would get to pick where it goes, wether it’s on a particularly page or before a particular video on YouTube. I’m learning that is not the case.

That is NOT the case. When you buy an ad Google places it where it will. You tell them how many clicks you want and some general information about your business and that’s basically how it works. They’re getting more sophisticated, and I don’t think that’s going to be true for much longer, but ad-placement has been pretty indiscriminate so far.

Q. What’s the worst case that we’ve seen recently Chrysta, what would you say?

The current crisis for Google is that companies like AT&T and other major companies are finding that their content might appear next to offensive videos or offensive sites, such as ISIS video, anti-semitic sites, or other racist types of content. That’s just not appropriate for those advertisers and they’re alarmed by it, so they’re pulling all their ad-buys from Google.

Q. So I’m guessing a Chick-fil-a ad juxtaposed next to a violent ISIS video is probably not good PR?

I’m sure Chick-fil-a would prefer that not happen and that is not good PR. That’s why you’re seeing these drastic reactions, which is ‘We’re pulling ads until you figure it out, Google’.

Q. I’m often surprised by the ads or music that plays before a video, but I thought the company had a say in the ad.

It’s a perfect example of what the problem is, you as the viewer immediately attribute the company with the content of the video-ad.

Q. Is this a case where companies are having to team up with the marketing department in advance and have them take that extra step to make sure inappropriate ads don’t play before their content, because as the web evolves there are opportunities for things to be great but also negative things can pop-up that we didn’t imagine two years ago?

The thing about crisis communications is there’s always the next crisis and the next crisis. And Yes, I’m sure companies across the world are adapting to new threats to their business model, and their goodwill with the public.

Q. I’ve been a little disturbed when I haven’t searched for anything on my phone, but I may have entered a store, or brought up a retailer in conversation, and then I’m getting ads for that brand.

It’s a new frontier everyday, the world is constantly changing and the power of these search engines is amazing, and that’s why companies are concerned with the content that’s coming up.